Egg Trays

The KpacK egg tray range consists of the Huhtamaki universal re-inforced Multi-K Plus egg tray and a number of egg trays suited for specific market needs.

The Multi-K Plus 30 cell tray protects eggs better than any other egg tray and ensures that eggs remain absolutely intact in the supply chain and storage. The PLUS construction reduces dramatically the effect of the vertical load pressure in stacked trays.
The improvement in the tray can be clearly seen in the bottom of the interior of each egg cell as four ridges resembling the symbol +. An international patent for the PLUS construction has been granted and the tray is considered as a new tray standard in the industry.

The Standard or, "Leopack," tray range includes the 30 cell 15½ lbs, 17 lbs, 20 lbs and the 20 cell, "Jumbo Tray," 25 lbs trays. 

These trays are available as a stock item in Blue, Green, Grey, Red and Violet.